On Sunday 7th August, to mark the opening of the 70th Edinburgh International Festival a monumental collaboration will bring together animation, light and sound for an exploration into Edinburgh’s 350-million-year history.

Deep Time is the amazing public artwork that will use the castle and its volcanic rock as a canvas in a spectacular melding of technology and art. The 18-minute performance will transport the audience back through Edinburgh’s geological history by using projections and illuminations upon the castle and the rock. Visitors will see the West façade of the castle lit up with an amazing story, set to a soundtrack by Glasgow-based indie-rock band, Mogwai.

Standard Life Opening Event Deep Time © 59 Productions 1

The production is an epic collaboration between the Tony-award winning 59 Productions, academics from the University of Edinburgh, and Edinburgh Castle. 59 Productions are one of the UK’s leading digital animation companies and were behind the video design for the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony. Not only that, but they were also involved in the hugely successful opening to last year’s festival, The Harmonium Project at the Usher Hall. 59 Productions have joined their technical know-how together with the knowledge of a group of academics from Edinburgh University, to tell a story inspired by the incredible geological history of this unique location.


Not only will the event explore the physical geological story of the city, but it will also be a celebration of the city’s “intellectual legacy’ and one of its most renowned thinkers. James Hutton was an 18th century scientist from Edinburgh who was the first to propose that the earth was actually billions of years old. He learnt from the city around him and is commonly regarded as the ‘father of geology’.

Due to the huge popularity of the last year’s opening event, Deep Time will be ticketed but will remain a free event. It is expected some 27,000 people will attend the event so if you fancy getting your hands on some tickets, keep and eye out for the first drop on the 11th of July. More tickets will be available at various dates throughout August although tickets will be limited to 2 per person.

Standard Life Opening Event Deep Time © 59 Productions 7For more information, please visit the Edinburgh International Festival website: http://www.eif.co.uk/2016/deeptime#.V3Y4sJMrKV4

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