Edinburgh is a city rich in history and culture, however its streets hide many a ghoulish tale harking back to its dark and troubled past. Many tell tales of all manner of ghosts haunting some of Edinburgh’s most renowned buildings.

Edinburgh is allegedly one of the most haunted cities in the UK and is considered to be the home of Halloween. With an array of attractions throughout the city, it certainly goes bump in the night on October 31st.

Some top attractions worth noting in the city would include our neighbour, The Real Mary King’s Close, popular ghost tour provider Mercat Tours and The Edinburgh Dungeon.

GHOST FEST 2006 25/01/06 PICTURE BY GARY DOAK tel.+44 (0)7836 255 728 garydoak@blueyonder.co.uk

The Real Mary King’s Close offers tours into Edinburgh’s original Old Town, consisting of a warren of tunnels and closes unseen to those walking the cobbles above on The Royale Mile, take a tour below this Halloween, who knows what you might find…

Mercat Tours are the only 5 star accredited walking tour company in Scotland. These tours will make your imagination run wild and your eyes play tricks on you in the shadows. So if you’re feeling brave, take a tour with Mercat who have exclusive access to Blair Street Underground Vaults, arguably the most haunted place in Britain!

The Edinburgh Dungeon boasts an array of spooky characters in an immersive journey through 1000 years of Edinburgh’s gory past. With grave robbers, ghosts, thrill rides, tricks and the odd treat, your senses will be left tingling this Halloween.


This is just a snippet of the variety of spooky events happening throughout Edinburgh this month, check out This Is Edinburgh’s Halloween Guide to find out more.

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